Who Has Diabetes?

It is considered that overweight people are main target for diabetes. Type 2 diabetes tends to develop in people who have above normal content of body fat. By the way, although the blood test results and symptoms for diabetes type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be similar, the causes are very different. It is important to know. If person carry extra fat above the hips (known as central body obesity) it is riskier than fat in the hips and tights for developing Type 2 Diabetes. And, as I wrote before, leading “couch potato” style of life sure can lead to the onset of diabetes. That kind of lifestyle contributes greatly to obesity. Beware!

Now some statistic. More than 20 million Americans have diabetes. Around 2,200 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each day. 95 percent of these cases are diabetes type 2. Usually, great many cases of type 2 diabetes stay undiagnosed for a very long time because of very subtle symptoms for years.

Type 2 diabetes is common in older people. More than 23 percent of people living in, US over the age of 65 have it. Diabetes also more prone to develop in some ethnic group than other. Especially susceptible are Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans.

Bottom line is if you are overweight or obese you can develop diabetes without knowing it or expiriencing acute symptoms for years. But later it will catch on with you to your peril. We all should take notice of this and be vigilant! Diabetes is not a joke!

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