Weight Control in Diabetes

Many people with diabetes struggle with weight control. Some people are successful in losing weight only to find that those lost pounds creep back on in a year or so. What’s wrong? Essential part in losing weight and keeping it normal is to change your lifestyle. People who keep lost weight off say that daily exercise routiine and healthy diabetes diet plan is an essential part of their new lifestyle.

Your biggest challenge in weight loss and weight control may be motivation. It helps immensenly to have people around you who care about you, know your goals, and constantly cheer you on. This could be truly invaluable help in changing your lifestyle to adopt new diabetes management plan and very healthy eating habits. Best approach in losing and controlling your weight is a combination of healthy diabetes diet and exercise. You may be tempted right now to glance over my advertisements on this page and who knows, maybe you’ll find some of them irresistible to click and learn more about deals on diabetes products and services you can buy online now. Please sit with your dietitian and discuss your weight loss goals in details. Be very patient and choose your diabetes diet aimed at weight loss and control with utmost attention to your favorite foods and treats. The better that diabetes diet will suit your personality, the bigger are chances you will stick to it and will be able to achieve your goals. A steady loss of 1 pound of weight per week or less is a safe, prudent and effective means to reach your set weight control goal.

As your weight will go down, your doctor will want to reduce the dose of your oral diabetes medicationas as weight control program improves your diabetes control. If you have episodes of hypoglycemia, you need to treat them with food, and this will add calories to your meal plan and slow your weight loss. Call your doctor if you start to have more frequent low blood sugar reactions so she or he can decrease your oral diabetes medications or insulin dose.

Basic true in healthy weight loss plan is to eat fewer calories you are used to. As my granny says, eat one bucketful less. 🙂 You will want to substitute high-fat foods for more vegetables, grains and fruits.

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