Types of Glucometers with Data Management Systems

There is no strict recommendations for frequency of self blood glucose levels monitoring for people with type 2 sugar diabetes. Self-monitoring should be performed often enough to identify those individuals who are expiriencing daily glucose levels swings, regardless of their overall glycated hemoglobin (HbAlC) levels.

Self blood glucoe monitoring allows people with Type 2 sugar diabetes to take charge of their own diabetes management. Downloaded computer organized data obtained from self blood glucose monitoring can be used by the doctor and diabetes management team to suggest means by which glycemic control (blood glucose level) may be fine-tuned over the time to achieve the lowest and safest possible A1C level.

Normal name for glucometers is Blood Glucose Meters but everybody call them glucometers anyway for simplicicty. With the development of glucometers, people with sugar diabetes could begin to adjust the dose of their insulin in order to achieve as near physiologic control as possible. People with Type 2 sugar diabetes could modify carbohydrate intake and exercise to also achieve better glycemic control. The data downloaded from glucometer and interpreted in computer data management system may allow diabetes management team to guide the person with diabetes toward safer and more targeted glycemic control. Please don’t hesitate to check out my ads here on the page!

There are many glucometers on the market without data management systems. Using that kind of glucometers person with diabetes have to log data by hand. Hand-written glucose log is much better than nothing, of course. But why would you want to do this if you have a choice? You can buy a modern glucometer with an excellent data management system already onboard. All you have to do is connect your glucometer to the computer via cable or Bluetooth technology and download all the data which will be instantly neatly organized by the data management system.

Here is a short list of glucometers (Blood Glucose Meters) with data management systems:

  •  “Prestige Xtra” glucometer from Abbot Laboratories weight 1.48 ounces and have test range from 20 mg/dl to 500 mg/dl. It takes approximately 10 seconds to produce results in glucose test ant 30 seconds for ketones test. This glucometer comes with lifetyme warranty. “Prestige Xtra” glucometer measures blood glucose levels and blood ketones. This glucometer has downloadable memory for 450 tests.
  • “Freestyle Flash” glucometer also from Abbot Laboratories weight 1.4 ounces with the same test range of 20 to 500 mg/dl. Test time fror glucose is average of 7 seconds. This glucose meter has built in calibration function and 4 programmable daily alarms that could be handy. Backlight display for easy viewing in the dark and memory for 250 tests with date and time stamps. 14-day test average and very good data management with corresponding software.
  • “one Touch Ultra” glucometer from Lifescan weight 1.5 ounces with a test range of 20 to 600 mg/dl. Average test time is 5 seconds for this blood glucose meter. Warranty is set for 3 years. This glucometer use built in single button for calibration. 150-test memory and excellent data management software with 14-day and 30-day test averaging.
  • “Accu-Check” blood glucose meter from Roche Diagnistics weight 2.1 ounces and has blood glucose test range of 10 to 600 mg/dl. Average blood glucose test time is 5 seconds. This glucometer is automatically calibrated. It has 500-test memory with 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day average. Corresponding AccuCheck Compass software or Diabetes Assistant program are excellent data management systems. Readings on this glucometer are not affected by altitude and temperature.
  •  “Accu-Check Complete” glucometer from Roche Diagnostics is a big brother of “Accu-Check” blood glucose meter. It weight 4.4 ounces. Test range is 10 to 600 mg/dl and average test time is 26 seconds for all tests. This glucometer calibrated with snap-in code key and comes with 3 year warranty. Up to 1,000 values can be stored and analized on this blood glucose meter plus information on insulin, activity, meals, A1C, ketones, and various event markers. “Accu-Check Complete” glucometer uses Compass software for data management.
  • “Ascencia Contour” glucometer from Bayer comes with a 5 year warranty and atomatic strip calibration. Weight is 2 ounces. Thest range for this blood glucose meter is 20 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl with a test time average in 15 seconds. This glucometer from Bayer has a memory for 240 test readings and corresponding data management software is outstanding.

Despite the large number of glucometers on the market and their simplicity, some large diabetes education centers report that nearly one third of their patients with diabetes have A1C levels that above 9.5 percent. One possible solution to improve A1C levels is to teach primary care physicians and diabetes management teams the undisputed value of home blood glucose monitoring data management software.

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