Type 1 Sugar Diabetes. Causes of Type 1 Sugar Diabetes

Truth in a nutshell, nobody knows what causes Type 1 sugar diabetes. There is no definite points of development for Type 1 sugar diabetes. Unfortunately, Type 1 sugar diabetes is averagely diagnosed well after all the major damage was already done. As many other thyroid disorders, Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. Same as in other similar disorders, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis, the immune ssytem wrongfully tags healthy parts of the body as alien and therefore attack them, destroying cells. In sugar di abetes, the person’s immune system attacks and destroys the very important insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Scientists don’t know why does it happen or how to prevent it from happening. But they identified two main causes behind this abnormal autoimmune response.

First cause of Type 1 sugar diabetes is appears to be genetics. Disease by itself can’t be inherited as many other. But susceptibility to develop Type 1 sugar diabetes can be inherited, so only some children born with a high level of susceptibility will develop Type 1 sugar diabetes, not all of them. Genetic cause of Type 1 sugar diabetes is responsible for less than 10 percent of this disease development, and by far not as important cause as the next one.

Scientists and researchers conclude that major cause of Type 1 sugar diabetes lie in environment. The exact environmental triggers bearing responsibility for sugar diabetes are unknown. Some believe that viral infections or food toxins, or illness, or all of that combined mmay damage the pancreas dire ctly and ubleash onslaught of beta cells. It is true that many children diagnosed with sugar diabetes have recently recovered from a viral illness, but most of children get viruses all the time and very few develop sugar diabetes. Stress factors are not generally believed to cause Type 1 sugar diabetes.

Many parents are very quick to take blame for their children sugar diabetes condition on themselve and curse themselve that they didn’t take good care of the child during pregnancy or first months after the birth. But truth is that parents can’t do anything about development of sugar diabetes. Nobody can. All in God’s hands. But it is up to the parents to look for telltale signs of sugar diabetes and start sugar diabetes management as soon as possible. Sometimes it seems that whole life of the family revolve around the child with Type 1 sugar diabetes. Feeling frustration is normal. Learning about sugar diabetes and sugar diabetes management must become your top priority as a parent and caregiver to your child. In the beginning, impect on the family will be significant. As time goes on and you get more and more knowledge and expirience in handling Type 1 suagr diabetes, you will feel more comfortable, it will become your natural way of life. And it can be full of joy and happiness!

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