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Are There Different Types of Metformin? Diabetes and Metformin

Can metformin cause high blood sugar? No, it can’t. Diabetes drug metformin acts by decreasing production of glucose in the liver, decreasing glucose absorption, and diabetes medication metformin increasing glucose uptake into skeletal muscle. Can you take metformin with insulin? Yes, you can. But why would you? If you have symptoms of type 2 diabete s and ready to use insulin, you are much better off going onn intensive diabetes management.

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Diamicron for Type 2 Diabetes. Diamicron Drug from Sulfonylureas Class

First of all, let me remind you important information about any medications. Safety first! Only your doctor can prescribe that or another medication to you. If you have Type 2 sugar diabetes and wish to control it with great success, please listen to your doctor. Any information in the Internet and here is for exectly that – information. It is not a green light for selftreatment. In diabetes, as in any other disease, doctor have to decide what to do and how to treat your condition.

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