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Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain with Tricyclic Antidepressants

Amitriptyline pills at dosages ranging from 25mg to 150 mg is the best studied tricyclic antidepressant in diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. The tricyclic antidepressants are widely used to tret chronic pain syndromes including diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. In high doses, antidepressants are most pronounced true antidepressant medications. But in lower doses, the antidepressants such as Amitriptyline and Desipramine have a more potent analgesic (painkiller) effect. Amitriptyline pills inhibit serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. Curiously enough, none of the tricyclic antidepressants has been approved by the FDA for treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain despite their widespread use in diabetic pain management and treatment.

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