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Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnancy

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and PregnancyNewly diagnosed glucose intolerance during pregnancy is defined as gestational diabetes mellitus. Women with high pregnancy weight will almost certainly develop gestational diabetes. The only modifiable risk factor of gestational diabetes is pregnancy obesity. Recurrence of gestational diabetes appears to be higher in women who eat more fat foods between subsequent pregnancies as compared with women who have high-carbohydrate diet, or low-fat diet. Obese women have gestational diabetes recurrence rates of more than 90 percent! Despite the prevalence of gestatioanl diabetes, very little research has been done on preventing the disorder. » Read more

Sugar Diabetes and Pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes

Sugar Diabetes and Pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes

Sometimes even perfectly healthy woman can develop sugar diabetes during pregnancy. It happens when the placenta start producing large ammounts of the hormones that interfer with normal functioning of hormone insulin. In this condition the body may succumb to insulin resistance that may lead to gestational diabetes. Usually it occurs around 24th week of pregnancy. The pancreas of the woman can’t satisfy body’s needs for insulin and the blood glucose level goes out of control. Gestational diabetes is not to be sneezed at. Although gestational diabetes is not as permanent as Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, it bears lots of danger for both mother and unborn child. In most cases gestational diabetes go away shortly after delivery when hormonal balance is being restored and insulin resistance subside.

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