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Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Facts About Diabetes

When should I check my blood sugar levels? The answer is now! As a matter of fact, th answer on the question “When should I check my blood sugar levels” can be only “now” or “as soon as possible, but better do it now”. Blood sugar level before eating should be measured first using glucometer for probable symptoms of Type 2 diabetes disease. Then blood sugar levels must be checked again after a meal. High glucose levels are usual flag for symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

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Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnancy

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and PregnancyNewly diagnosed glucose intolerance during pregnancy is defined as gestational diabetes mellitus. Women with high pregnancy weight will almost certainly develop gestational diabetes. The only modifiable risk factor of gestational diabetes is pregnancy obesity. Recurrence of gestational diabetes appears to be higher in women who eat more fat foods between subsequent pregnancies as compared with women who have high-carbohydrate diet, or low-fat diet. Obese women have gestational diabetes recurrence rates of more than 90 percent! Despite the prevalence of gestatioanl diabetes, very little research has been done on preventing the disorder. » Read more

Diabetic Diet for Obesity. Weight Loss and Obesity

Obesity, particularly abdominal obesity (accumulation of fat tissue above hips), leads to the production of a number of metabolic products, hormones, and cytokines that favor decreased insulin sensitivity in the liver, muscles, and cardiovascular system. Insulin normally stimulates glucose uptake in muscle and fat, reduces glucose output by liver, and inhibits lipolysis in fat tissue (adipose tissue). In obesity, an increase in free fatty acids from more lipolytically active abdominal adipose cells decreases insulin action in the muscle, fat, and liver. This leads to a decrease in glucose uptake and unchecked glucose output, which contribute to the high blood glucose levels. Moreover, loss of insulin sensitivity leads to further lipolysis and release of free fatty acids in merry-go-round.

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Why Sugar Diabetes? Reasons of Sugar Diabetes

Modernprogress and sugar diabetes are intertwined. Is that so? Unfortunately, yes. Look at how life changes for majority of population in developed countries. We have more sedative lifestyle now that before. We don’t need to work hard hours to grow our food anymore, we just go for groceries in our cars. We don’t even walk much anymore! This is a very ripe environment for sugar diabetes to set in. We consume more and more high sugar foods and exercise less and less. Our bodies just can’t cope with all that sugar. It is lke trying to fill your fuel tank when it is already full. We put more and more nergy in the form of various foods into our stomaches where it processed, but we don’t spend this energy. Excess sugar then stored as fat contributing to obesity. Sugar diabetes will follow soon enough, because the body can’t fight overflow of sugar in the bloodstream. The pancreas will stop produse insulin hormone or will not be able to produce enough of it to cover all sugar in the blood. Constnt hight level of sugar in the bloodstream leads to sugar diabetes and numerous complications of sugar diabetes.

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