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Exercise and Diabetes. Exercising with an Insulin Pump

Exercise and Diabetes. Exercising with an Insulin PumpAny diabetes management plan should include exercise regimen. Exercise is highly beneficial for people with diabetes mellitus. The use of an insulin pump can ensure that insulin will be delivered in right amount and dangerous hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level) after exercise be avoided.

As exercise begins, free fatty acids are released from the adipose tissue (fat tissue) as an initial source of energy for muscles. Within 10 minutes of beginning exercise, the liver accelerates the production and release of glucose, which provides our muscles with a needed source of energy. Because of this, exercise can result in initial hyperglycemia (high blood glucose level), followed by postexercise hypoglycemia. An insulin pump can be very helpful in this instance because in already hyperglycemic people with diabetes who have blood glucose level more than 240 mg/dl, exercise-induced ketosis may occur. Using an insulin pump this people can administer a small insulin bolus at the beginning of exercise.

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