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Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnancy

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and PregnancyNewly diagnosed glucose intolerance during pregnancy is defined as gestational diabetes mellitus. Women with high pregnancy weight will almost certainly develop gestational diabetes. The only modifiable risk factor of gestational diabetes is pregnancy obesity. Recurrence of gestational diabetes appears to be higher in women who eat more fat foods between subsequent pregnancies as compared with women who have high-carbohydrate diet, or low-fat diet. Obese women have gestational diabetes recurrence rates of more than 90 percent! Despite the prevalence of gestatioanl diabetes, very little research has been done on preventing the disorder. » Read more

Diabetes Diet for Type 1 Diabetes. Nutritional Therapy for Diabetes

Goals of medical nutritional therapy and diabetes diet for people with Type 1 diabetes are aimed at providing adequate energy to cover daily activities and integrate insulin regimens into usual eating habits. Individual diabetes diet is of utmost importance for a person with Type 1 diabetes to maintain tight blood glucose control and keep it well in the target area. Diabetes diet also called to prevent and treat the chronic diabetes complications such as cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, obesity and clinically severe obesity, nephropathy, and hypertension. Carefully planned diabetes diet improve overall health through healthy food choices and physical activity.

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Meal Planning in Sugar Diabetes. Diabetes Diet

The main goal in diabetes meal plan is to balance sugar intake, to satisfy appetite and the body’s nourishments needs, to promote normall growth and development of your child, and you need your diabetes diet plan to be easy to follow so whole family can make it organic part of life. When your child has sugar diabetes, you can’t plan meals only for her or him. Although maybe only your child has sugar diabetes, it means that everybody in your family affected. You should adhere to diabetes diet first and teach your child through your example.

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Diabetes Diet. What is Diabetes Diet?

Diabetes diet is a generic term encompassing all meal plans developed for people with diabetes. There is no single super spescial diabetes diet one-fits-all. All people are different and we all have different preferences in food and activities. Diabetes diet should be individually tailored for each person with diabetes by dietitian. Eating is a huge chunk of out life and it is of great influence for our lifestyle. For someone with diabetes changing diet is akin to change lifestyle. It is hard and takes time.

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