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Protein in Foods. Understanding Diabetes

Very little ammount of proteins are used in the body to produce energy and only when there is shortage of carbohydrates. Proteins are used as a building material for the body as well as replacement parts. Eating protein is an important part of any healthy diet either for people with diabetes or people without diabets. We are all know that proteins are essential for mscle building, but it is also true for for other organs as well. However, Americans often overdo on protein consumption cramming every day more protein that they need. Digestion of protein take lots of water and unused unwanted proteins are discharged through kidneys. This can overburden out kidneys with complications to follow. As old saying goes, too much good is no good.

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Fats and Cholesterol in Foods. Understanding Diabetes

Fats are essential part of nutritional diabetes plan. There is no healthy food without fat. Out bodies need fat for proper functioning. Fats are used to rebuild the membranes thet protect the cells in the body and help the cells in the body send signals. Fats are also energy storage medium in the body, just like your battery in a cell phone. However, too much fat will clog up blood vessels which leads to a great ganger of heart problems and stroke. For healthy living with diabetes disease, you have to ccontrol the ammount of fat that you consume. Especially saturated fat and trans fat.

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