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What Do We Eat? Understanding Sugar Diabetes

To better understand sugar diabetes we have to know our food better. Food gives nutrition to the body and supply almost everything for growth, repair and functioning. All nutrients are divided into three main food groups or macronutrients.

They are: carbohydrate, fat and protein. Vitamins together with minerals are micronutrients. Almost all foods are basically a combinaton of proteins, fats and carbs. I know, it doesn’t sound very poetic, but don’t go sleep just yet. Oh, by the way. Feel free to notice my excellent ads that are almost impossible to ignore. My smile shall be very wide when you find some useful information there.

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Carbohydrates. Understanding Diabetes

Very little of the fat and protein you eat becomes glucose. Biggest part of the glucose in the bloodstream comes from the digestion of carbohydrates. As the carbs are broken down into glucose and absorbed, the blood glucose levels are going up. Different kind of food produce different ammounts of blood glucose. It depends on how fats the glucose is freed from the food. Food that comes in big pieces, as apples (if you don’t chew them into a pulp) or corn, breaks down more slowly than smaller pieces, like the bits in grits or nicely cooked oatmeal. Food that digests slowly will releasy the glucose into the bloodstream slowly, as in raw food compared to cooked food. Also, some foods contain more carbohydrates per serving than others. Compare potato and carrot, for example. Lots of starch (carbohydrate) in potato and no starch in carrot, but both of them full of nutritions.

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