Sugar Diabetes. Different Types of Sugar Diabetes

We all know somebody diagnosed with sugar diabetes. This condition is so widespread, that everybody know somebody affected with sigar diabetes disease or definitely has heard about someone.

Some people with sugar diabetes need to use insulin shots and other don’t. Some of them need to severely restrict their diet due to sugar diabetes condition and for other is just business as usual. Right? In my childhood I’ve had three friends of mine with sugar diabetes but only one of them had had to carry his insulin syringe with him. Why was it so? The answer is very simple, there is different types of sugar diabetes with distinct properties.

More than 90 percent of all people diagnosed with sugar diabetes has Type 2 sugar diabetes. It is so called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, or NIDDM. Most often this type of sugar diabetes occurs in overweight adults. Yes, let me be impolite and be truthful, Type 2 diabetes occurs mostly in obese people who don’t care much bout their health and what do they put in their mouth. And great many people falls in such a category, sadly. Type 2 sugar diabetes loves couch potatoes and loyal cusomers of all junk-food peddlers. The pancreas in people with Type 2 sugar diabetes is overtaxed by enormous workload and usually cant produce enough hormone insulin to mop up all sugar from the bloodstream. This type of sugar diabetes is treated mostly witha healthy diabetic diet and exercise regimen. Tight body weight control is prescribed. And quitting smoking is highly recommended for people with Type 2 sugar diabetes. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe oral diabetes medications to help the pancreas produce more insulin or to make the insulin work efficiently. If oral diabetes medications is not enough, doctor will prescribe insulin injections to bring blood sugar level under control and continue without insulin injections afterwards. Type 2 sugar diabetes can be controlled with a healthy diabetic diet and exercise regimen only.

Type 1 sugar diabetes is the other type from the different types of sugar diabeets. This type is responsible for almost 100 percent of all sugar diabeets cases. Children almost always have Type 1 sugar diabetes. It is known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, or juvenile diabetes. Type 1 sugar diabetes is usually diagnosed before age 40, but most commonly in children aged 2 to 16. Nobody knows yet how long it takes for Tyupe 1 sugar diabetes to develop, but by the time the symptoms of the disorder start to show up, at least 80 percent of the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas have already beed destroyed. The pancreas can’t produce insulin any longer and all insulin must be administered through regular insulin injections. Children and adults with Type 1 sugar diabetes have to keep their blood glucose level under connstant monitoring using personal glucose meters.

The third type of sugar diabetes is called gestational diabetes. Some women develop this type of diabetes during pregnancy. It is very important to control level of sugar in the bloodstream during pregnancy, to give a good chance of having a healthy baby. In some women the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to cover the mother and a baby. The doctor may prescribe insulin injections for a lenght of pregnancy along with constant blood glucose level monitoring. Usually, after the baby is born, the mother’s pacreas begins functioning normal again.

Women who have had gestational diabetes are at much higher risk of developing Type 2 sugar diabetes down the road.

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