Sugar Diabetes and Pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes

Sugar Diabetes and Pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes

Sometimes even perfectly healthy woman can develop sugar diabetes during pregnancy. It happens when the placenta start producing large ammounts of the hormones that interfer with normal functioning of hormone insulin. In this condition the body may succumb to insulin resistance that may lead to gestational diabetes. Usually it occurs around 24th week of pregnancy. The pancreas of the woman can’t satisfy body’s needs for insulin and the blood glucose level goes out of control. Gestational diabetes is not to be sneezed at. Although gestational diabetes is not as permanent as Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, it bears lots of danger for both mother and unborn child. In most cases gestational diabetes go away shortly after delivery when hormonal balance is being restored and insulin resistance subside.

Every pregnant woman with slightly more fat tissue on her than normal… oh, well, let’s say it straight – every obese pregnant woman has great chance to develop gestational diabetes. This type of sugar diabetes is harmful first of all to the child. Why so? I’ll tell you now, but before you read on please look to the right and give your attention to my wonderful ads. Take your time!

In gestational diabetes, as well as in other types of suagr diabetes, main danger comes from the high levels of blood glucose. Glucose is the main source of energy for the cells and absolutely necessary for the brain and nervous system proper functioning. The medium between cells and glucose is hormonee insulin. And here is the problem because sugar diabetes condition is all about total absense of insulin or severe insulin resistance. The body simply unable to handle all the glucose available in the bloodstream. In gestational diabetes all this excess glucose goes to the body and used to growth. Oh yes, growth is good, but too much good is no good, as my Mom always says. Continuously high blood glucose level may lead to abnormally large fetus and complicated delivery, not to mention very high risk of sugar diabetes disease for a child.

Sugar diabetes in pregnancy is highly undesirable and all obstetricians know this and usually pretty vigilant about the signs. It is a good practice to screen pregnant women for gestational diabetes with a procedure called glucose challenge. This procedure is aimed to test the body’s abilities to overcome the insulin resistance naturally without outside help. Pregnant woman is given a glucose drink to swallow and her blood glucose level is measured used glucose meter (glucometer). In exactly one hour her blood glucose level is measured again with glucometer to see how did her own body handled consumed glucose. If her blood glucose level is 14 0 mg/dl or higher, it is a strong sign of gestational diabetes. In this situation doctor may suggest diabetes management plan or even intensive diabetes management plan.

Diabetes management plan for gestational diabetes will include insulin injections to bring the blood glucose levels under control. Big part of the prudent diabetes management plan will consist of thorougly planned diabetes diet and exercise regimen. Oral diabets medications are not prescribed for gestational diabetes because of potential harm to the baby. Basically, the hardcore of diabetes management during gestational diabetes consist of strict adherence to the diabetic diet and daily exercise routine. Insulin injections are suggested only when diabetic diet together with exercise regimen are unable to bring the blood glucose levels in target range.

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