Setting Goals in Intensive Diabetes Management

For people without diabetes, blood glucose levels seldom go over 140 mg/dl, even after a meal. Their bodies take care of excess glucose by producing and releasing more insulin. This is some kind of internal goal for healthy body.

Person with diabetes who decide that intensive diabetes management is for her or for him, want to choose blood glucose goals as close to those of people without diabetes as is reasonable. The idea of intensive diabetes management is to maintain tight constant control over blodd glucose levels.

Th Diabetes Control and Complications Trial goals for people in the intensive diabetes management group were to have near-normal blood glucose leveles before and after meals and bedtime, 70 to 120 mg/dl and under 180 mg/dl respectively. About the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial you can read in dedicated article here on my blog. Also, please check for promotions and savings on diabetes supplies and services following links to the right. Most people with diabetes just couldn’t consistently reach these goals of near-normal blood glucose levels as of in people without diabetes. So, appropriate goals for blood glucose levels for people with diabetes embarking on the intensive diabetes management plan are often less ambitious and easily achievable.

Setting goals in intensive diabetes management must be done individually and with utmost care taking to consideration person’s lifestyle and other mitigating factors. You’ll want to see how close to near-normal blood glucose levels you can get without too much hypoglycemia. And remember that Diabetes Control and Complications Trial also proved that despite being unable to consistently reach the set daily bllood glucose goals, people with type 1 diabetes in the study group lowered their A1C (glycated hemoglobin) values dramatically after about six month of intensive diabetes management. They were reaching for normal, nondiabetic, A1C values of below 6%. Most of them had A1C values around 7% which is a very reasonable goal for most people with diabetes. The lower A1C level the better chances person with diabetes has to significantly delay or even prevent diabetes complications.

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