Pregnancy with Diabetes. Genetic Role in Diabetes

When you decide to have a child, the first step is to assess the challenges you face in connection with your diabetes disease. In the past, it was very common to expirience serious problem for pregnant women with diabetes, such as stillbirth, miscariage, or birth defects. Today, thanks to modern medicine and much better understanding of diabetes disease, it is very common for women with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes to have perfectly safe and healthy pregnancies. It is totally possible to keep risk of diabetes to a minimum by employing tight glucose levels control before and during pregnancy, following individual diabetes diet plan and recieving careful obstetrical care. For women with diabetes it is very important to plan ahead before getting pregnant. You can now glance over my ads here. Right? I feel very grateful. 🙂

Genetics play big role in potential development of diabetes in a child someday in the future. You have to be concerned abouut it before you start pregnancy. It is a good idea to assess the genetic risk of your child developing diabetes. A child born to a parent who has type 1 diabetes is at slightly higher risk of developing type 1 diabetes than children of parents without diabetes. If a baby is born to a mother who is age 25 or older and has type 1 diabetes, that baby has a 1% chance of developing diabetes, but if the mother is younger than 25, the risk increases to about 4%. If the father of a child has type 1 diabetes, the baby has 6% chance to develop diabetes. If both parents have type 1 diabetes, the risk is even higher. Development of type 2 diabetes tends to run in families and can be contributed to both lifestyle and genetics. Research shows that you can inherit genes that increase probability to develop type 2 diabetes. If you are concerned and having questions about your chances to pass type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes to your child, you better talk at lenght with your doctor and professional medical geneticist who are trained to assess the contribution of genetic and environmental factors in causing diabetes disease among many other diasease.

With self-monitoring of blood glucose levels and improved techniques for early detection and treatment of diabetes complications such as retinopathy and neuropathy, women can have perfectly healthy pregnancies without any danger for their health or for their babies.

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