Monitoring Blood Glucose. Self-Monitoring Blood Sugar Level

Important part of diabetes management and control is self monitoring and regular measurements of the blood glucose level. If you have type 1 diabetes, you need to take self-measurements of blood glucose levels. If you have type 2 diabetes and take oral diabetes medications or insulin injections, you also need to monitor your blood glucose level. Same goes for women with gestational diabetes taking insulin injections.

Self-monitoring of the blood glucose levels is a powerful tool to measure how well insulin injections and oral diabetes drugs are doing their job be keeping stats on your blood glucose. Developing self-monitoring skills will let you see how exercise affects the ammount of drugs your body required and also will help you to avoid risk of too low level of glucose. By using your self-monitoring skills you take out constant guessing on how much medications you need.

If you have type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes and manage it with an diet and exercise plan, you don’t need to worry about low blood glucose levels. However, monitoring blood glucose level has great benefits for you. Please take a moment to check out my ads to the right, there you can get more up-to-date information on diabetes and diabetes products and services. Thank you very much for your attention! 🙂 The benefits of self-monitoring are many. It gives you feedback on how well your diabetes care is working. Positive feedback may be a wonderful source of encouragement for you. You can see the effects of your exercise program or food choices in diet plan on your blood glucose. For pregnant women, it guides the treatment adjustments that will help keep you and your baby healthy.

It is up to you and your doctor to decide on how many times a day you would check your blood glucose level. Blood glucose level in people with type 2 diabetes are more stable over the course of a day and do not need to be monitored very often. If you take oral diabetes drugs, you don’t need as many blood checks as someone taking insulin shots.

Sometimes you might not be feeling quite right and you don’t know why. Monitoring your blood glucose can tell you what the problem is. Only by self-monitoring your blood glucose levels can you tell what your body really needs to keep diabetes under control. Guessing is dangerous, especially if your blood glucose levels tends to swing with little warning.

Self-monitoring of the blood glucose levels achieved with Blood Glucose Meters, or Glucometers which you can buy at the pharmacy. There are many different brands of glucometers, you have to choose what you like.

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