Measuring the Blood Glucose Level. Visually Read Test Strips

Testing your blood for current glucose level is an every day task for someone with type 2 diabetes and more so for someone with type 1 diabetes. If person affected with type 2 diabetes produce insulin in its body than person with type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin inside its body and have to take it by injections. In order to know how much insulin to inject or how many pills of oral diabetes medications to take person must check current blood glucose level.

Visually read glucose test strips are one of the several instruments to check the blood glucose level. It is the other kind of testing strips than those used in combination with the blood glucose meters. With visually read glucose test strips, you match the color of your test strip to a color chart that came with test strips to estimate your blood glucose level. Visually read glucose level test strips can be very handy for a person with diabetes. Sometimes you can’t use your glucometer because of malfunction or you just forgot to take it with you. No big deal if you have visually red test strips. They are also very handy if you are traveling. You can buy visually read glucose level test strips right now using links to the right.

Reading of test strips result can be educated guesswork. Color patches for visually read strips progress in 20 to 30 mg/dl increments. You’ll be able to read visually read glucose level test strips as accurately as meter after you get expirience. There are also visually read strips that can tell you if glucose level in your urine is too high. However, testing glucose in urine is a unreliable way to determine your blood glucose level. Glucose show up in the urine only when blood glucose level are already quite high. Additionally, urine glucose test can only show you how much glucose you had in your blood a few hours ago. It is not very useful for deciding how much insulin to inject. The urine glucose testing strips is a last resort if you don’t have your glucometer or visually read glucose level testing strips. Check for promotions and special offers on diabetes services and products following links on the right side of this article. Thank you and come back again! Please share my place with your friends.

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