Intensive Diabetes Management

For people with type 1 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes, schedule and activities are often dictated by when last dose of insulin were injected and when next one is due to be injected. With the intensive diabetes management plan person with diabetes can make adjustments in insuline dose based on frequent blood glucose level monitoring to accomodate variety in activity and eating patterns. The truth is, intensive diabetes management may and will actually give you more freedom in your life after you have settled into routine.

Of course, intensive diabetes management plan will cost you more mony because you’ll nedd to check your blood glucose levels more frequently and make more insulin injections, albeit with lower doses. However, with clever planning and thorough research online you can save lots of money buying your diabetes supplies in bulk. Before you read on, please check links to the right for promotions and savings on diabetes management supplies and services. It is definitely worth to learn.

Intensive diabetes management is an approach that can benefit almost any person with diabetes. For years, women with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes who were planning a pregnancy and women who developed gestational diabetes have been advised to follow an intensive diabetes management plan. This is because of the particular importance of keeping sugar levels as close to normal to avoid problems in the development and growth of the baby.

Adapting to an intensive diabetes management plan does not happen overnight. Person with diabetes who wants to adhere to an intensive diabetes management plan have to learn how to make adjustments in diet, insulin regimen, and exercise. That person with diabetes have to develop whole new set of habits starting with frequent blood glucose levels monitoring using glucometer or visually read glucose testing strips. Individual need to learn to predict how much her blood glucose would go up when certain food is ingested. Person with diabetes also have to learn how much blood blood glucose would go down if an extra unit or two of insulin as added or when it take a hike. After intensive diabetes management will be learned and adhered to, person with diabetes will be able to add variety to daily food and everyday activities having much better control over diabetes disease.

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