Intensive Diabetes Management in Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes can be recognized a little more than halfway through the pregnancy. At this time baby is mostly developed and from now on is going into growth stage. Too much glucose in mother’s blood will make baby grow too big. This leads to complications during delivery with a danger for both baby and mother. Women with diabetes are encouraged to plan their pregnancies. It is crucial to keep blood glucose levels close to normal as in people without diabetes. In the first two month of pregnancy the baby is developing its nervous system and body parts. Too much glucose in the mother’s blood may cause birth defects and increases risk of miscarriage.

Pregnant women with diabetes are more likely to develop high blood pressure, a temporary worsening in the complications of diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Tight premeal blood glucose levels for pregnant women with gestational diabetes or type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes can be 60 to 105 mg/dl. Good after-meal glucose levels are 100 to 120 mg/dl and target average glucose leveles during theday can be in the 70 to 100 mg/dl range.

Intensive diabetes management is exceptionally important during pregnancy. Having blood glucose level under constant control using intensivve plan greatly decreases the risks to mother and baby to the same level as women without diabetes.

Pregnant women with diabetes need to check theit blood glucose level as often as seven or even more times per day according to the tailored intensive diabetes management plan. You can buy blood glucose meter and test strips online now using links to the right. Look for promotions and special dials. Buy diabetes supplies online and save money and time.

About three quarters of women with gestational diabetes can control blood sugar level by diet and nutrition plan. Another huge help in lowering blood glucose level is exercise. In many cases intensive diabetes management will introduce insulin injections for tight control. Oral diabetes medications are not prescribed during pregnancy because of possibility of birht defects.

Women with diabetes will definitely find lots of motivation to maintain tight blood glucose levels during the pregnancy because that can ensure good health for the baby and for the mother.

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