Insulin Regimens in Intensive Diabetes Management

Intensive diabetes management include testing blood glucose levels four or more times each day; injecting insulin three to four times a day or the use of insulin pump; adjusting insulin doses according to food intake, exercise, and blood glucose level. It also include following a special diabetes diet and exercise plan.

Your doctor will help you determine your starting insulin doses for either injections or the insulin pump. You may want to try an insulin pump for your insulin regimen. The insulin pump is usually worn on a belt clip or in a pocket and delivers insulin via tubing through the needle or catheter. Insulin pumps are programmed to deliver a steady supply of buffered fast-acting insulin during the day. You may program your basal infusion rate and when you need a burst of insulin to cover consumed food, you will order the insulin pump to deliver it. You can buy the insulin pump now online using links to the right. Purchasing insulin pump online is fast and hussle free. Keep your eyes open for promotions and rebates on the insulin pumps that you will find following links to the right.

Maintaining tight glucose control if you use insulin injections means more than simply taking extra insulin. It is funny, but you may not increase the total ammount of insulin you need to take at all. What does change is method of deliver it. The goal in the intensive diabetes management is to mimic the natural secretion of insulin from the pancreas as much as possible with your insulin regimen. In people without diabetes the pancreas continually secretes a low level of insulin at all times and pump more of it when excess level of glucose in the blood is detected. But how can you do that yourself without nature? Here comes intensive diabetes management plan. You have to test your blood glucose level many times a day and take several doses of fast-acting or regular insulin or combine them.

For people with type 1 diabetes who are within 20% of their ideal body weight, the total daily insulin dose needed for intensive diabetes management is equals 0.5 to 1.0 unit per kilogramm of body weight which calls for about 29 to 57 units of insulin each day. About one half of total daily insulin dose would provide basal insulin level with rest covering meals. Person with diabtees will most likely have to make adjustments while finding proper schedule. For example, total daily insulin dose will go up in pregnant woman as she gain weight and develop more insulin resistance. Insulin dose may even triple during the course of pregnancy.

Keeping complications from diabetes disease at bay is the long-term benefits of using intensive diabetes management plan. As for the short term benefits, one can eat some pastries during the party knowing that is perfectly safe and the blood glucose levels are under control.

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