Inhaled Pulmonary Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Current widely accepted game plan for type two diabetes treatment suggest that lifestyle changes be initially prescribed including diabetic diet, followed by initiation of monotherapy with type 2 diabetes medications, followed by combination therapy (perhaps with exenatide drug Bydureon or Byetta), and ultimately by insulin regimen. It is common knowledge that every person with Type 2 diabetes will eventually need insulin therapy no matter how well it adhere to type 2 diabetes treatment with oral medications or diabetic diet.

Many people with Type 2 diabetes want to know how to control diabetes, but not many of them are ready to initiate intensive diabetes management therapy with multiple daily insulin injections. The insulin injections have stigma of “last resort” solution. Inhaled pulmonary insulin delivery may offer an opportunity to introduce person with type 2 diabetes to insulin without any troubles of needles. Inhaled pulmonary insulin can be given in combination with oral diabetic medications such as metformin or sulfonylureas, or with basal insulin. Human regular insulin and inhaled pulmonary insulin have very similar glucodynamic features in type 2 diabetes treatment. Inhaled pulmonary insulin has a more rapid onset of action, similar to a fast-acting insulin analogue, while having an effective duration of action of 6 to 8 hours which is coparable to regular human insulin.

Of all possible noninvasive insulin-delivery options, the pulmonary route is the most clinically viable. The lungs has the larg surface area equal to the size of a tennis court and multiple target organs of around 500 million alveoli. This provides very favorable anatomy for efficient type 2 diabetes medications absorption and delivery. Efficacy and safety of inhaled pulmonary insulin have been assessed in more than 4,000 individuals with type two diabetes. Some of these people with type 2 diabetes have used inhaled pulmonary insulin for type 2 diabetes treatment for as long as 7 years and have their A1C levels well under control. Numerous clinical trials comparing regular human insulin and inhaled pulmonary insulin have time and again demonstrated similar improvement in A1C levels as well as in postprandial blood glucose levels and fasting blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. But people using inhaled pulmonary insulin for type 2 diabetes treatment experience less hypoglycemia events and weight gain. As monotherapy or add-on therapy for people with type 2 diabet es in whom diabetic diet and exercise regimen fails, inhaled pulmonary insulin as a type 2 diabetes treatment significantly improves blood glucose control. People with type 2 diabetes treatment consistently favors the use of inhaled pulmonary insulin in their type 2 diabetes therapy, they prefer it to daily insulin injections.

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