How To Set Up the Meal Plan for Sugar Diabetes? Diabetic Diet

Sugar diabetes management for children with sugar diabetes rises more challenges that diabetes management for an adults. To achieve and maintain best possible blood sugar level control, all teens and children should be as consistent as possible in the ammount, timing and types of food eaten at main meals and snacks each day of their life. Knowing that mealtimes and the ammount of foofd eaten are consistent also helps rule out food as the cause of high or low blood glucose level readings. This is a hyge advantage in day-to-day management of sugar diabetes.

The individually tailored diabetic diet for a child with sugar diabetes provides the framework for healthy eating and easy blood glucose control. Regular mealtimes and snack times together with consistent ammount of food consumed are key elements of teh diabetic diet. All children with Type 1 sugar diabetes require three regular meals a day plus a bedtime snack to avoid low blood sugar emergencies.

How is diabetic meal plan developed? Who knows how to create diabetic diet? A registered dietitian expirienced in nutrition planning for children and teens with sugar diabetes will help develop a meal plan to meet exact needs of particular child including all food prefereences. Also, check my marvellous ads to get even more help in diabetic diet and diabetes management. There is no such thing as too much knowledge about sugar diabetes. Not to mention that I will be overjoyed when you’ll find my ads useful.

The meal plan is based on what adn how much food is normally eaten by a child. The registered dietitian can review the family records and understand all information she needs to create an individual diabetic diet for a child. The dietitian calculates the average ammount of carbohydrate, protein and fat eaten at each meal and snack. This forms the basis of an “exchange-type” diabetic diet. The American Diabetes Association ( exchange system organizes food into six groups, based on carbohydrate, protein and fat content. This six group include: bread/starch, milk, fruit, meat/protein, vegetable and fat. The dietitian will create diabetic diet meal plan based on “food choice”. In this system 1 choice of each of six groups means exact ammount of carbohydrates.

1 starch choice = 15 grams

1 fruit choice = 15 grams

1 vegetable choice = 5 grams

1 meat choice = 0 grams

1 fat choice = 0 grams

1 milk choice = 12 grams

For example: 1 choice of starch equals to 1 slice of bread, or 2 cookies, or one half cup of cooked rice; 1 choice of fruit equals to half a banana or apple. It’s really quite easy when you grasp the concept. This exchange system will become easy to apply, with full instructions from your registered dietitian and your diabetes management team.

The sugar diabetes meal plan is not a diet in the sense of limiting food. It is a diabetic diet in the sense of keeping the blood sugar under tight control. Proper diabetic diet is fully satisfactory for growth of your child and should satisfy hunger totally. If your child affected with sugar diabetes start to feel hunger, your dietitian will help you to adjust diabetic diet to allow more food, and the doctor will adjust insulin dosage to balance the effect of extra food on your child’s blood sugar level.

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