How to Manage Diabetes? Type 1 Diabetes Management. Part 3

Yet another way to manage type 1 diabetes and give to the body new source of insulin is transplantation of only Langerhans islet cells of pancreas (see the article here about the pancreas to more information on Langerhans cells). These cells in pancreas produce insulin, and also sense glucose levels in the bloodstream, and dispense the right ammount of insulin as needed.

Scientists believe that transplanting islets cells is less dangerous than transplanting the whole new pancreas to type 1 diabetes patients. But immune rejection of islet cells by the patient body rise bigger challenge than in whole pancreas transplant. One of the prominent methods of islet transplantation to diabetes patients is to transplant them directly into the thymus gland in the neck, where some immune cells grow and learn to tell difference between self and alien. If exposed to transplanted cells as they mature, immune system cells might think the transplants are part of the body.

Statistic shows that ten out of ten patients who received the islet cells transplants were insulin free in a year after transplantation. This is highly promising but there is a bottleneck. There are just not enough of organ donors. Pancreas and islet transplants for type 1 diabetes patient is a rare chance. Mainstay of type 1 diabetes management plan is still regular insulin injections, healthy individual diet, and exercises. See about it to the right from the article. Those links are for your convinience.

Please make sure you do exercise more often than once in a while and skip that fats food diet of yours. Stay healthy!

Please! God bless you.

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