How To Buy Diabetes Supplies And Save Money

Going to your local pharmacy to buy insulin or oral diabetes drugs on the short order for your diabetes management is convinient and easy. Not much planning involved. You just go to your pharmacy when you see your diabetes supplies are getting low.

However, it may be very prudent to compare how much money do you spend using that short order practice and how much money you can save when buying bulk from supplier through mail-order or online. Purchasing your diabetes supplies for diabetes management plan in bulk is a good idea. You can buy insulin and test strips for a long period of time and store it in your fridge. Buying bulk you get per item price much lower than retail price in your local pharmacy for the same products. Here are some hints to help you make bulk order wisely:

– Have a chat with your doctor about generic drugs. Brand-name diabetes drugs can be costly as we all know. Generic drugs for diabetes will do the same job but for less, and in some cases for much less money than brand-name diabetes medications. Your doctor can give you a list of acceptable generics, so you can shop around or on-line to buy them in bulk.

– Always check promotions and special offers for diabetes products and services on-line. As a good example please look to the right and check out advertisements on my page. You can find great deals there for diabetes products and services to buy. It cost you nothing and takes little time. People spend good money on advertisement campaigns in order to get your attention and will be happy to accomodate your needs.

– Never buy drugs by mail-order for immediate use. If your diabetes supplies are low, you better go to your local pharmacy. Use online and mail-order firms to buy diabetes drugs and supplies in advance for long term use, say you can buy plastic test strips for your glucose meter online for 6 month at a time. It is very convinient and you spare yourself from weekly trips to the pharmacy for test strips. It saves lots of time and money.

– If you live in a warm climate or order during the summer, ask how perishable items will be shipped to your house. Plastic test strips for glucometer can spoil in excessive heat.

– Insulin is also sensitive to heat. Overnight shipping is advised in such conditions. Order your diabetes drugs supplies far enough in advance so your current supply won’t run out before the new supplies arrive to your door.

Be sure to thouroughly inspect your diabetes prescription drugs and supplies when they arrive. If they look different or damaged, call right away your supplier about this. Inspect your insulin vials carefully for signs of damage or crystallization on the inside of the vial. Check the expiration date on each item that arrives. Send back all items with expiration dates that are very close.

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