Healthy Food and Diabetes

For many people with diabetes, food is a very big problem. The millions who have ever tried any diet know exactly how hard is it to stick to the plan and eat only that food allowed by specific diet. Being diagnosed with diabetes means to change one’s eating habits. And here comes lots of myths about food and diabetes. It is a common picture that person with diabetes should eat monotonous bland food and be totally deprived of varieties. Totally untrue!

Have you ever heard that white sugar gives you diabetes? Of course you are. However, this is not a case. White sugar is a carbohydrate, same as potatoes, or bread, or spaghetti. Our body digest and converts sugar to glucose in about same ammount of time as starch from potatoes to glucose. That means that all carbohydrates will raise blood glucose levels equally fast. What does matter in how quickly blood glucose levels rise is the other foods ingested with carbohydrates and how the food is prepared. For example, food that include fats are digested much more slowly and fried food is bad, period. 🙂 Healthy diabetes diet is no different than healthy eating habit for people without diabetes. In essense, it is a matter of eating food balanced between proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It gives lots of space to fancy foods and imagination.

And totally friendly to sugar. For person with diabetes unwrapping that marvellous chocolate bar is not only an act of indulgence but an act of accounted for indulgence. You have to plan your food if you have diabetes and know how to offset ingested calories either by extra exercise or extra unit of insulin. Healthy eating for people with diabetes type 1 or type 2 or for women with gestational diabetes is almost the same as eating regimen for professional athletes. They know exactly how to count calories and how to offset extra food.

For people with diabtees healthy food choices must be made in carefully balanced meals. Eating habits of someone with diabetes must be in accord with insulin doses, oral diabetes medications, and exercises to avoid sharp drops or climbs in blood glucose levels. By eating balanced nutritious food you will not only keep your diabetes under control, you definitely will improve your overall health and energy level.

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