Glucose Control In Diabetes. What Affects Glucose in the Blood? Part 1 – Food

How the food affects glucose in the bloodstream? What is the connection between food consumption and diabetes control? Let’s start from the basics.

Food contains carbohydrates in various forms which are breaked down to glucose during the digestion process. Glucose is the fuel of our body, it travels through the blood to supply every part of the body with energy. The ammount of glucose in the bloodstream goes up during the food intake. Different kind of foods contains different ammounts of carbohydrates in it and the body will produce different ammounts of glucose upon digestion.

How much the blood glucose level goes up after the meal depends on many factors. Carbohydrates come in many different forms and it takes various ammount of time to produce glucose from it. For example, sugars break down much faster than starch, think white sugar versus potato. Digestion goes slower if proteins or fats are present along with carbohydrates. Protein rich foods can rise glucose levels in the blood but do this much slower than foods consisting mostly with carbohydrates. Please take a minute and look over my advertising to the right. Thank you very much!

It is very important for the person affected with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes to understand how food contributes to the blood glucose levels. Person affected with diabetes must to learn how to manage meals on a day-to-day basis. It is surprising how different foods make different impact on the blood glucose levels. Individually tailored diabetic diet is an absolute necessity for people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes disease. Individual may test all kind of foods in order to gauge the body’s response to it. It is done by measuring blood glucose one to two hours after ingestion of particular food. Taking notes is a prudent step as well. Knowing how the body reacts to different foods leads to easy planning of diabetes diet which can include favorite foods without going to boring choices. The diet plan for diabetes is a healthy, balanced diet akin to an healthy diet for a regular person who chooses to live a healthy life.

Individually crafted diabetes diet plan will help to know daily fluctuation of the blood glucose levels. Knowing this person can administer right ammount of oral diabetes medications (how about Januvia?) or insulin. A registered dietitian can help to develop right diabetes diet and balance it with insulin intake or oral diabetes medications.

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