Exercise and Pregnancy. Understanding Diabetes

Staying physically fit during your pregnancy is a great help fro the work of labor and baby care that lies ahead. If you have gestational diabetes, you need to know that exercise lowers your blood glucose level and so help to keep diabetes under control. exercise for pregnant women with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes also moderate weight gain, lower anxiety level, and increase overall strenght and stamina. Some good exercises for women with diabetes during pregnancy are swimming or aerobics classes held in the pool, walking, and stationary bicycling. Please pay attention to my advertisement here and you shall find lots of information about exercises for women with diabetes during pregnancy. Take your time and check them out also for good deals on diabetes products you can buy online now. Thank you for support, this makes my work joyful and meaningful.

Blood glucose control is very important before and during pregnancy, for both mother health and that of the baby, and you should adhere to tight blood glucose control especially, you’ll have to be extra watchful for hypoglycemia signs caused by exercise, because your blood glucose level can gop downvery fast. Please use blood glucose monitoring during exercise to keep watch on low blood glucose levels. Many women with diabetes during pregnancy measure their blood glucose level seven or more timmes a day anyway.

Exercise during pregnancy does pose some risks. You definitely should not start a new, strenuous routine while you are pregna nt, diabetes or no diabetes. This is particularly true if you weren’t a regular exerciser before pregnancy. You should avoid exercise that involve lying on your back after fourth month of pregnancy, straining or holding your breath, and jerky movements or quick changes of direction. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. Stop exercising if you feel lightheaded, weak, or very out of breath.

By the way, if you are regular exerciser with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, pregnancy is no excuse to stop your exercise routine! 🙂

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