Erection Problems and Impotence in Diabetes. Diabetes and Sex. Part 1

Erection problems can be caused by either physical or, most commonly, psycholigical factors. Impotence and erection disfunction has a range of severity. Among men with diabetes, fear of impotence, or erection problems are widespread. But is it true that men with diabetes disease more susceptible to erectile disfunction than men without diabetes? It is difficult to say because majority of men rather shoot themselves in the leg than admit to erectile disfunction or, God firbid, impotence.

Erection problems and disfunction are mostly age related. Men in their 60s and older are primary targets. And because diabetes is more common in that age group, people tend to overreact and make connections between erection problems and diabetes. But usually men affected with diabetes develop erection problems 10 to 15 years earlier then men without diabetes disease. According to statistics, more than one-half of all men over 50 years old expirience some kind of erectile disfunction and problems. Dear friend, before you read on please check out my ads on this page. You shall find up-to-date infromation on diabetes connection to erectile disfunction problems, and of course you’ll see some great deeals on products and services you can buy now online. I thank you very much for your support, you make my work on this blog meaningful.

What is imotence? Being impotent means that all, most, or some of the time, penis fails to become hard or stay hard enough for sex. You are not impotent if you expirience a decrese in sexual drive, and, occasionaly, fail to achieve or maintain erection. It is not a permanent problem if you have premature ejaculation or can’t reach orgasm at all. To be an impotent means never-ever have even slight hardening, it’s just dead in the water. Everything else can be helped.

The most common cause of erection problems in men with diabetes are physical problems that result from blood vessel and nerve related complications of diabetes disease. You may be at risk if you have neuropathy and cardiovascular complications of diabetes. You have to maintain tight blood glucose control to reduce your risk of further complications. Keeping blood glucose levels as close to your target goal as possible will help you avoid nerve damage and blood vessel damage and neuropathy. Control your diabetes and you will control your erection. Also, to help with achieving erection you can use Viagra pills sold online, they work very good. Good overall health and intensive diabetes management (and little bit of Viagra) is your way of life. Be healthy, exercise regularly and you will have your hard on!

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