Erectile Disfunction in Diabetes. Diabetes and Impotence. Part 2

Figuring out why erection problems occur can be difficult not only in men with diabetes. Finding exect problem takes some time because sex have as much physical factors as psychological. Sex begins in the brain. Brain sends signals through nervous system to blood vessels to trigger an erection. Testosterone is released into the blood steram to drive up sexual level and achieve erection. Whole bunch of actions is going on inside the body during arousal and erection.

For men with diabetes, hearing all the time about erection problems and erectile disfunction can create fear which greatly contributes to phychological impotence. You can actuallyexpect erectile disfunction to happen on subconcious level if you have diabetes. Your brain just cherrypicking little clues and attributes them to erectile problems. These small clues are snowballing to become real problem. A one-time failure to maintain an erection can create fear and anxiety that can eventually lead to phychological impotence. Worry and stress can decrease your brain’s response to testosterone and so on. Reasons can be aplenty, but your brain will automatically attribute all problems to your diabetes condition and push you to psychological impotence. Now please stop and check my links on the right side of article for great dials on products you can buy right now online. Check for promotions and discounts.

One sure way to distinguish between physiological erectile disfunction and psychological impotence is to take notice of your erections at night when you sleep. The trick is when you are sleeping, you are not bothered by emotional factors and your psychological impotence can’t get grip on your body. If you have firm erections during your sleep means you are physiologically in sound condition. You have to work with your psychologist on solving your mental issues. Or you can buy Viagra pills online and take them to check your erection. If you get hard on on Viagra pills you are good to go and nothing is wrong with your body. Try Viagra and find out for yourself.

Some of the side effects of diabetes can directly cause erectile problems. Blood vessel damage is a common cause of erectile disfunction in men with diabetes. The penis can not become erect if blood flow to it is reduced due to blood vessels damage. This can be tested with ultrasound. Neuropathy complications of diabetes also can be a factor, When nerves that signal the penis are damaged due to diabetes complications, erection can not be achieved. Urologist can check this. Doctor can also recommend testosterone therapy if your natural testosterone levels are low.

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