Different Types of Glucometers. How To Choose a Glucometer

Different Types of Glucometers. How To Choose a GlucometerSugar diabetes condition calls for constant blood glucose level control. In order to control blood glucose level the blood sugar content must be tested. The most important tool in sugar diabetes management is glucometer, or blood glucose meter. Sure, official name is blood glucose meter but everybody call it glucometer for simplicity. And why not?

The glucometer for a person with sugar diabetes is more important than a smartphone. Absence of latter is not life-threatening. Without the glucometer person affected with Type 1 sugar diabetes can be in mortal danger. The glucometer is used for measuring ammount of glucose in the bloodstream at the moment. Very simple and basic glucometers can do only this and nothing else. Expensive and sophisticated glucometers can measure the blood glucose level as well as many other parameters including ketones. There are so many different types of glucometers on the market that my head spinning. It is impossible to make even approximate assessment of all of them. I can’t choose which glucometer to buy right away. Can you? Look for my ads on this page to get a picture about abundance of glucometers on the market. It is complicated and kinda frustrating. Agree? So many glucometer manufacturers compete for our favor that one has to be a rocket scientist now to form an opinion and make purchase on a knowledge and not on a whim.

How to choose glucometer? Go figure. Let me think about it aloud. Why do I need glucometer? First, I have sugar diabetes so I have to know my blood glucose levels during the day in order to keep it in the taget range of my diabetes management plan. There! Now I know why do I need glucometer.

Next: how sophisticated I need my glucometer to be? Do I need my glucometer be able to talk to me or simple digits on a cheap but sturdy screen will do? How much money do I want to spend on it? Huh? So many questions.

How glucometer works? Person with sugar diabetes wants to check the blood sugar level. What to do? First of all, wash your hands. Then take a needle and prick your finger to draw a drop of blood. Better to do it with special device called lancet. There are many different types of lancets on the market. It can be small capped needle for very little money, or it can be fancy piece of work with spring-loaded mechanism and exorbitant price tag. The market can accomodate wide variety of tastes, as always. That drop of blood than placed on the plastic test strip and inserted in the glucometer for measurment. Some types of glucometers measure glucose level using electrical current, other use chemistry.

Oh, well. So many questions. How big a glucometer do I need? Do I Need it to be portable or stationary? Will I use generic test strips for glucometer or original only? What kind of glucometer is covered by my insurance policy? How many glucometer do I need to be completely at ease? Shall I have a glucometer at the house of in-laws just in case? Do you see my point yet?

Good luck to you in choosing right glucometer for your diabetes management. I think it won’t be last entry in my blog about this subject. 🙂

I’m going on a quest to find ideal glucometer if there is such thing!

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