Diabetes Mellitus. What Are You? – Part 2

Let me continue, my friends. Many people are just don’t know that they have diabetes. According to scientific research it was estimated that more than six million Americans had UNdiagnosed diabetes disease. Think of it for a moment! OK, maybe I am fat, a little bit, but who cares as long as my neighbor is bigger? Right? And sure I can’t run couple of miles, I just don’t want to. Right? Wrong! 🙂 The diabetes disease is usually discovered when there are typical symptoms and a clearly high blood sugar level. By the way, normal blood sugar level is no more than 200 milligrams per decilitre in a daytime. Occasionally a more detailed test is required of oral glucose for accurate diagnosis.

I am sure you can find good information and useful services on diagnosis of diabetes following by one of the links to the right of this article. There are useful information you could find there. Go on and check it out, I’ll be here. 🙂 I am constantly doing research on diabetes mellitus and on diabetic diets from my amateur stand. If you press Ctrl+D you can add this place to your bookmarks and come back later with ease. I will be very pleased!

Now back to high blood sugar level and diabetis. I tell you this about myself. I knew about glucose and that it is a fuel for my body. But I had no clue about too much of sugar in my blood could be dangerous. And I never have an urge to get it tested. Heck, I don’t even know to which doctor to talk about it. Do you? That is why I’ve started this research for myself. No diabetes can assail my precious body!

Before the isolation of insulin (which utilize sugar in bloodstream) in 1920s, most of unlucky patients died after onset of diabetes. Untreated diabetes leads to accumulation of products of fat breakdown in the blood (it is calles ketosis). This is followed by accumulation of acid in the blood (it is called acidosis) with nasty nausea and vomiting. As the highly toxic products of mulfunctioning carbohydrate and fat metabolism continue to build up, the diabetes patient goes into diabetic coma.

Treatment aimed at controlling diabetes mellitus is very successful. People are put on special diabetic diets designed to maintain optimal body weight and to limit intake of excessive fats or carbohydrates. Regular fitness exercises are also very helpful for people suffering diabetes problem because the are apparently enhances the movement of glucose and ingestion of carbohydrates.

The main objective of all forms of treatment of diabetes mellitus is to maintain of blood sugar level within limits and thus reduce probable complications in cardiovascular system which is a primary cause of most diabetes-related deaths. One of other serious complications from diabetes include a horrible condition known as diabetic retinopathy (it is * * retinal changes leading to blindness). Also can mention kidney disease and frequent infections tied to diabetes disease.

Brrrr! Gruesome stuff.

The more I read about diabetes the more alert I become. Now it is as good time as any to make changes in my life to avoid this unwelcome diabetes. No more junk food for me and forget about white sugar. Oh, yes, white sugar is one of the top contributors to obesity which leads to development of diabetes mellitus. I don’t need it. Do you?

See you soon! Thank you for being here with me. Bless you and don’t forget to check out corresponding links near this article. And of course please share this place in your social media.

Thank you!

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