Diabetes Diet. What is Diabetes Diet?

Diabetes diet is a generic term encompassing all meal plans developed for people with diabetes. There is no single super spescial diabetes diet one-fits-all. All people are different and we all have different preferences in food and activities. Diabetes diet should be individually tailored for each person with diabetes by dietitian. Eating is a huge chunk of out life and it is of great influence for our lifestyle. For someone with diabetes changing diet is akin to change lifestyle. It is hard and takes time.

We don’t need to think of our meal plan for diabetes as a diet! Because everybody knows how easy it is to jump off the diet. The word “diet” carry a burden of itself, like a therapy. Right? Instead of diet, please switch your perception and think about your new meal plan for diabetes as a new way of eating. Together with your dietitian you can create wonderful meals to control your diabetes. You can include great variety of foods and special treats you can’t live without.

In order to create a good diabetes diet, you must first set your diabetes management goals with your team. You also have to know how your body reacts on different kinds of food. This takes time but nothing like rocket science for sure! Only thing you need to do is measure your blood glucose level before you eat something you want to measure, then eat one serving of food in question; wait for this food to digest and then measure your blood glucose levels again. You will see how different kinds of food affect your blood glucose levels. Make sure you write down this information to your diabetes logbook. And now look to the right side of this page, there you can see several links about diabetes products and diabetes services you can buy online now. It’s time to hunt for a bargain and juicy rebates! 🙂

Once you and your diabetes management team decide on your diabetes management plan and goals, you will need to work on your meal plan. Sit down with your dietitian and go with a fine comb through your eating habits. Spill your guts! Tell your dietitian all about that broccoli you absolutely hate and about the chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips topped with chocolate syrup you can’t do without. 🙂 Planning your meals according to your diabetes management goals with your dietitian will allow you to include your favorite foods in your meals and avoid things you can’t stand. And planning your meals could be jus fun.

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