Diabetes Diet for Type 1 Diabetes. Nutritional Therapy for Diabetes

Goals of medical nutritional therapy and diabetes diet for people with Type 1 diabetes are aimed at providing adequate energy to cover daily activities and integrate insulin regimens into usual eating habits. Individual diabetes diet is of utmost importance for a person with Type 1 diabetes to maintain tight blood glucose control and keep it well in the target area. Diabetes diet also called to prevent and treat the chronic diabetes complications such as cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, obesity and clinically severe obesity, nephropathy, and hypertension. Carefully planned diabetes diet improve overall health through healthy food choices and physical activity.

The Diabetes Control and Complication Trial demonstrated that patients with Type 1 diabetes who adjusted their food intake and insulin dosage in response to fasting blood glucose levels achieved lower A1C levels than did patients without diabetes diet. To maximize success of diabetes diet for people with Type 1 diabetes, each individual must be familiar with several topics. Please do notice my irresistible advertisements on this page that I hope will help you gain more help with Type 1 diabetes. Prior to begin diabetes diet every person with Type 1 diabetes must become familiar with the following relationships between food intake and insulin:

– How much insulin is required to cover given amount of carbohydrates? This relationship can be stable throughout the day or may be variable, depending on the persons individual insulin resistance.

– How person’s insulin resistance varies during the day? Additional insulin doses will be required during peak insulin resistance periods and reduced doses of insulin will be needed when insulin resistance is minimal. This is very important in diabetes diet.

– The onset of action and the duration of action of the prandial insulin dose.

– The effect of fat content on carbohydrate absorption.

These questions and tasks may look frustrating and daunting, but with practice and experience every person with Type 1 diabetes who wishes to embark on diabetes diet can and will learn most of the principles of nutritional therapy for diabetes. With time, diabetes diet and dietary management of diabetes not only become second nature but allows people with Type 1 diabetes an opportunity to challenge their own nutritional skills to improve their blood glucose control. Beauty of diabetes diet is that those who uses diabetic diet plan long time can’t find any reason to go off that diet because of obvious benefits. Healthy eating according to individual diabetes diet is a way of better, longer, happier life for people with Type 1 diabetes and without diabetes as well. Diet for diabetes is a must!

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