Blood Glucose Meter in Diabetes. Glucometer

Blood glucose meter, also known as glucometer, is a handheld device that specially purposed to test the glucose level in the blood. Glucometer is one of the most important instruments in diabetes management plan. The blood glucose meter calculates and displays the blood glucose level from a drop of blood taken from a finger or other place on the body.

If you are affected with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes tou have to have the blood glucose meter of your own. In your daily efforts to keep blood glucose levels under control, your glucometer is essential.

There are many different kinds and brands of blood glucose meters for diabetes to choose from on the market. Some of them you can find following ads on this page. Please do take notice of them. Most meters use one of two different methods of detection glucose in the blood. These are chemical method and electrical method of detection. In chemocal method blood glucose meters use a chemical that changes color when it comes in contact with glucose from a drop of blood on a plastic test strip which then placed into the meter where electronics translates color intensity to how much glucose in the blood at the moment. In electrical method of detection blood glucose meters measure an electric current in the blood that depends on the ammount of glucose present.

There are new glucose meters coming to the market all the time. Please consult with information to the right of this article to find new items. There are many noninvasive glucose meters as well.

Glucometers that use a color strips or those that measure an electrical current are about the same in how close are readings of the same sample to each other. All blood glucose meters perform the same basic job of measuring the ammount of glucose in the blood. It is up to the person affected with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes to choose glucometer which may fit its needs better, according to that person’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

Most insurance plans for diabetes shall cover blood glucose meters and test strips for it. But be sure to check with your insurance plan on this matter. Some insurance plans may pay for only specific blood glucose meters or have defined cost allowance. Also, check if your diabetes insurance plan covers for the test strips and the quantity allowed. You buy the blood glucose meter only once, hopefully, but periodical purchase of test strips may turn into a major expense if you don’t get reimbursed for them by your health care insurance plan.

Be healthy, my friend! I’ll continue on blood glucose meters (glucometers) in next articles. Please read my other articles and share them with your friends. Thank you very much for being my reader!

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