Accuracy of the Blood Glucose Meter for Diabetes

The blood glucose meter (or glucometer, as it is also known) is used every day by individuals affected with diabetes, either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Its main task is to measure the blood glucose level. Knowing the blood glucose level is a big part of diabetes management plan aimed to keep diabetes disiease under control. The blood glucose meter is a handheld instrument that test the level of glucose in the bloodstream using a drop of blood usually taken by pricking a finger. A drop of blood is placed on the plastic testing strip that placed in the blood glucose meter.

Because testing strips for glucometer can vary from batch to batch there may be differences in the ammount of chemical on the strip in each batch. Accuracy of the blood glucose meter is a strong issue and must not be ignored. every time you open a new pack of testing strips, you must calibrate your meter to be sure in its accurate measuremets. You can find step-by-step instruction on how to calibrate blood glucose meter in the instruction manual that comes with your glucose meter, or find it online, just google it up. You also can check links to the right for much more information on blood gluce meters and other products and services for diabetes treatment and management.

There is on more thing you must do to make sure of your glucose meter accurate readings besides calibrating for a new batch of testing strips. Even the best top notch super accurate brand-name exorbitantly expensive glucose meters can drift from time to time and give lower or higher readings than they should. This is not acceptable for smooth diabetes management plan and call for actions. But hold your horses and don’t buy a new glucose meter just yet. To solve this issue you need to test your glucose meetr every month using a standard solution known as a “control” solution containing a known ammount of glucose. If you using control solution and your glucose meter gives you wrong measurement first of all check integrity of testing strips. If testing strips for your glucose meter are good then it is time to give a call to your meter’s manufacturer on its toll-free number and ask for replacement.

Also, your blood monitoring technique has a big impact on the accuracy. You really have to know what you are doing. Your diabetes management team can help you with training. Take your glucose meter with you when you visit your doctor or diabetes educator and have her check your technique. She can test your blood using her glucometer and her technique after you test your blood with your glucose meter yourself and compare results. Make sure you check your technique time afetr time to insure accurate measurements of the blood glucose level. Your diabetes treatment plan depends on it.

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